• 1 Concept
    Superior design, amazing results! Be alert to subtleties which anticipate major trends that will distinguish you from the competition, imagine, create, and persevere until the results reach the summum of our art.
  • 2 Modelisation
    3D engineering, perfecting our skills, push our limits and go even further. Feeding change through innovation and creativity using the latest technologies.
  • 3 Prototype
    Construct, materialize the idea to better reflect where the power of rapid prototyping and rudimentary accelerates the progress of a project, test and validate the theory of the concept.
  • 4 Production
    Well equipped to serve you better! Durable goods manufacturing and quality at the lowest possible cost through a powerful tooling providing a fast and hassle free commercialization.
  • 6 Marketing
    A picture is worth a thousand words! Visual communication and a powerful tool to accelerate commercialization by using virtual images or animations of your product even before its completion.

Our IVOIRE design process will free up time and speeds up the marketing of your products


We are generating new ideas through our creativity matrix, real collective brain of 400 members under the confidentiality seal


We are improving the perceived value of your products, vital work performed by all criteria that nourish our creativity


We observe then copy the behavior of users to refine the concepts and reach the pinnacle of our art


With our innovative ideas you stay ahead of your competitors with unique and distinctive products


Where reduction means margin, we increase your profitability, we are accelerating the innovation process, you get R&D financial relief, economical tooling and production services.


Concerned about the future of our planet and aware of the needs of the population, we strive to design sustainable products or bringing a low ecological footprint

Véronique Bibeau-Poissant

Industrial Designer, ADIQ, MDEIE

vero After graduating in Industrial design in 1999, Véronique Bibeau-Poissant started her carreer with L & H Consultants Inc. where she worked on projects for Bombardier Aéronautique. She then migrated to Manhattan, a manufacturer and parent company of MAAX, renowned as an important manufacturer of quality bathroom products.

Then, Véronique Bibeau-Poissant is hired by " Primeau Designers " for her ability to transform sketches in manufactured products. She is an active participant in high profile consumer products for companies such as Tyco, Tapis Sauve-Pantalons, Strata, Cobra, Fortin Auto-Radio.Véronique Bibeau-Poissant is creative, truly involved and hard-working with a keen sense of entrepreneurship.

Propelled by her most accomplished and highly experienced track record, she enters in a business partnership with Roberto Barbusci, to form A3D Innovation Inc., a design, development and product's improvement firm. Véronique Bibeau-Poissant places the client-designer relationship first and manages to resolve the projects' technical constraints. She constantly puts her expertise at work to find innovations and added values that are both economical to the client and most attractive to the consumers.

Roberto Barbusci

Project manager,
Automotive designer

ADIQ Professional member
  • MDEIE – MFE certified
  • EPTC2 certified

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